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Here is a link of my workshops for 2019.
Offering watercolor figure with model, watercolor portrait and open air classes I try to pass on what I've learned so far.

workshops 2019workshops 2019

lifepainting - portraits 3

More recent work made during studio sessions with model shared with other artists, long poses, either at Taller Huachinango or Foro Goya, here in CDMX.

lifepainting - portraits 2

Recent portraits. There has been a significant improvement in my work due to my constant study of the Masters and the study of anatomy, drawing and color schemes. My palette is pretty much the same but I'm trying to get a more realistic effect of the skin tones and more balance in the values, expecially with portraits. Asking models to keep the same pose for a longer period of time allows me to paint and draw at the same time (I rarely use pencil, let's say I draw with the brush).

Lifepainting - portraits

Recent portraits resulting from working long poses, which is something that I've been enjoying a lot

lifepainting - long poses

Recently I worked with models with some long poses, 45min, 60min and 120min. I love the result

recent work

More of my life painting series, most work was done at the studio of sculptor Victor Gutierrez and at Foro Goya in Mexico City.

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