a journey into my creative process


"I like to play with water and to measure myself with the magic of nature, the figurative approach of my art has within it a level of abstraction that allows me to transmit emotions at a deeper level. My aim is to be able to explore more and more on different textures and with different techniques in order to capture the essence of light and movement. Art has the power to show different worlds generated from a blank canvas, I want to share this process through my work" 

Michele Bajona lives in Mexico City where he paints and practices architecture.
In 1988 he becomes a member of the artistic circle La Soffitta where he discovers the magic of watercolors thanks to maestro Otello de Maria.
In 2001 he starts his nude studies with watercolorist Frederic Wong at the Art Student League of New York. He has been an active member for 5 years and a teacher at Cercle Artistic S. Lluc in Barcelona. The artist has shown his work in collective and solo exhibitions in Europe and the US.
In 2011 he won the first prize for best video documentary at the 54th Venice Art Biennial, Padiglione Italia.

 a selection

> 2013
Collective   Art Contemporani Circuit Artistic. Castell de Montesquiu, Barcelona, Spain.
Collective   Barceloneta Sonora. Centro Civico Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain.
Collective   Theodoria Art Festival. City Hall, Servia, Kozani, Greece.
Collective   Kaleidos. Museo del Soratte, Palazzo Caccia Canali. Sant'Oreste, Rome, Italy.
Collective   AAF Brussels. Affordable Art Fair, Tour and Taxi, Brussels, Belgium.

> 2012
Solo           Luce. Galla Caffe'. Vicenza, Italy.
Collective   Seleccionats. Cercle Artistic S. Lluc. Barcelona, Spain.
Collective   Art International Zurich. 14th Int. fair of contemp. art. Zurich.
Collective   AAF Rome. Affordable Art Fair, Museo Macro, Rome, Italy.

> 2011
Collective    Arte Padova. 22nd Padua Art Fair. Padua, Italy.
Collective    Padiglione Italia nel Mondo. 54th Venice Art Biennial. Venice, Italy.
Collective    Dibujo Contemporaneo. Art Actors Queralt. Barcelona, Spain.
Collective    14. Beijing Art Expo. China World Trade Center, Beijing.

> 2010 
Solo.           Corpo Etereo. Galla Caffe'. Vicenza, Italy.
Collective    The Concours. Phyllis H. Mason Gallery. New York, NY.
Solo.           Cuerpo Etereo. Galeria 4Art. Barcelona, Spain.

> 2009
Collective.   La Escuela Moderna. Galeria H2O. Barcelona, Spain.
Collective.   Sketch it Out. APW Gallery. New York, NY.
Collective.   FHM #4. Galeria H2O. Barcelona, Spain.

> 2002
Solo.           Ritratti. Galleria Hotel Castello. Vicenza, Italy.
Collective.   The Concours. Phyllis H. Mason Gallery. New York, NY.
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