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Collective Exhibition | La escuela moderna

December 28, 2009. Curator Massimo Mazzone. Galeria H2O. Carrer Verdi, 152. Barcelona, Spain. 

This exhibition is a collective event grouping together a number of Italian and Catalan artists expressing the need for freedom. 
At the beginning of the XX century Ferrer I Guardia creates the 'Escuela Moderna' and in Italy a similar school 'La Scuola Razionalista' investigates the same themes.
In Barcelona this experience ends during the events of the anarchist revolt of 1909 and the assasination of Ferrer I Guardia, a week of fights and buildings burned to ashes (mostly churches) also remebered as 'La Semana Tragica'.

I participated with this work

1909. Watercolor and gold leaf on cotton
paper (24x36 cm)
1909. Detail. Watercolor and gold leaf on
cotton paper.
La semana tragica

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