Lifepainting - portraits

Recent portraits resulting from working long poses, which is something that I've been enjoying a lot

lifepainting - long poses

Recently I worked with models with some long poses, 45min, 60min and 120min. I love the result

recent work

More of my life painting series, most work was done at the studio of sculptor Victor Gutierrez and at Foro Goya in Mexico City.

ballerina project

I'm trying to transmit the feeling of movement and the sensation of floating in the air... here a few watercolors and oils of this ongoing project

portrait of Thelma

I revisited an old oil painting of Thelma changing it quite a lot, it takes time to learn and the only way is to paint many more....

self portrait project

After a few years painting and with the need to practice more on portraits I ended up with a self portrait, nothing wrong, many painters did that in the past; but while the exercise seems common practice, the emotions that conceives are not easy to manage.
Here I post my first self portrait hoping to produce more in a more fluid manner. Enjoy.

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