recent work

More of my life painting series, most work was done at the studio of sculptor Victor Gutierrez and at Foro Goya in Mexico City.

ballerina project

I'm trying to transmit the feeling of movement and the sensation of floating in the air... here a few watercolors and oils of this ongoing project

portrait of Thelma

I revisited an old oil painting of Thelma changing it quite a lot, it takes time to learn and the only way is to paint many more....

self portrait project

After a few years painting and with the need to practice more on portraits I ended up with a self portrait, nothing wrong, many painters did that in the past; but while the exercise seems common practice, the emotions that conceives are not easy to manage.
Here I post my first self portrait hoping to produce more in a more fluid manner. Enjoy.


Showing the process behind the painting.
This is how I work with watercolors, very limited tools I guess.

my palette:
Vandyke brown
Alzarin crimson
Yellow ocre
Cerulean blue (I bought it but don't use it really...)
No black nor white, I use the white of the paper.

a round big Spectrum Gold II (quite old bought on sale in 2002)
a wash (synthetic cheap)
a rigger or two (because sometimes I use both hands)

In this painting for example the color palette is reduced to Vandyke brown, Alzarin crimson and Indigo. It's actually a commissioned work.


'Conversazioni' is a new project that I decided to develop in order to find a dialogue with artists that I admire and their work. My research will span from novels to poetry, films, sculpture, frescos, architecture, anything that truly has an affinity with my artistic vision. I  share my first pieces with you, the result is particularly interesting when I use a different medium (watercolors for now) than the original concept.

Conversazione con la mia città' natale e Giambattista Albanese. acquerello. Marzo 2016.


 Conversazione con Javier Marin. Watercolor on paper. Nov. 2016

 Conversazione con Javier Marin II. Watercolor on paper. Nov. 2016

 Conversazione con Javier Marin III. Watercolor on paper. Nov. 2016

Conversazione con Octavio Paz y el dia de los muertos. Watercolor on paper. Nov. 2016

“La contemplación del horror, y aun la familiaridad y la complacencia en su trato, constituyen contrariamente [a los pueblos anglos] unos de los rasgos más notables del carácter mexicano. Los Cristos ensangrentados de las iglesias pueblerinas, el humor macabro de ciertos encabezados de los diarios, los “velorios,” la costumbre de comer el 2 de noviembre panes y dulces que fingen huesos y calaveras, son hábitos heredados de indios y españoles, inseparables de nuestro ser. Nuestro culto a la muerte es culto a la vida, del mismo modo que el amor, que es hambre de vida, es anhelo de muerte". Octavio Paz (El laberinto de la soledad).
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